Olivia Estrada is a writer based in Manila, Philippines.

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Freezer Burn serves uncanny, sweet pairings

Freezer Burn serves uncanny, sweet pairings

Ketchup and mayo fries never tasted this good

It’s a risky move to open an ice cream parlor during rainy season, a week or so before Manila had its first taste of the typhoons to come. Chef Miko Aspiras is always one to dare, anyway. Following one-of-a-kind concepts like Le Petit Soufflé, Scout’s Honor, and Milk Trade, Freezer Burn is an uncanny dessert shop made of sweet dreams.

Made to look like a pastel 1950s refrigerator, the parlor was a sort of stolen space in High Street. “It used to be a camera shop of our co-owner,” says Kristine Lotilla, part-owner of Freezer Burn. “After he closed it down, it was a challenge to turn this into a space for food because there was no room for equipment, no basic requirements fit for a food store.”

Somehow, though, they pulled it off, and with some pizzazz at that as their flavors aren’t your regular vanilla creations. Hot desserts like brownies and moist cakes are side by side unusual ice cream flavors like Ketchup and Mayo, Cookies and Junk Food, and Butter. “We didn’t just want to do ala mode desserts, that’s long been done. The novelty is how they are served separately and yet paired up to form something cohesive,” says Aspiras. This pertains to their Composed Desserts menu. Filled with options like Ola! (chocolate ice cream with churros) and Morning Glory (maple bacon ice cream served with brioche toast and popcorn), it’s an imaginative way to combine familiar tastes to integrate different disciplines into dessert-making. The Ketchup and Mayo Fries, for example, is a fresh twist on the diner classic. There is that distinct ketchup tang to the ice cream which makes it perfect for the thick-cut fries. You might feel weird eating it at first but you won’t be sorry, for sure.

If you’re into making your own experiments, Freezer Burn offers the option of ordering up ice cream cones with one to three scoops of ice cream and toppings like cookies, cotton candy, popcorn, and chocolate bits. They will also soon be offering up milkshakes and beverages, also with that same flair for the peculiar. “We wanted a parlor that won’t just last for a few months like a trend,” says Aspiras. “We want it to be the place where people visit immediately once they want their dessert fix, when they want something very specific that they can’t just get anywhere.”

This story was originally published in Southern Living, August 2016.

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