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Kaila Estrada Is Tired of Being Asked Why She Won’t Be an Actress

Kaila Estrada Is Tired of Being Asked Why She Won’t Be an Actress


Kaila Estrada crept up from being the child of showbiz parents to a model and now, as the people term it, social media influencer.

Gaining more traction as time goes by, she’s turning into a celebrity in her own right with a stylish eye to boot. “I love Korean fashion of late, it’s so cool.” We asked her to style herself in this shoot and she showed us her love for athleisure. “It’s easy to move around and it works best when traveling.” She needs the mobility given how quickly the turnover of fame goes.

She also is a natural and a professional. A little sick when she came to our shoot, she didn’t complain nor make note of it until I caught her dissolving a citrus tablet in her water. Our photographer noted how easy it was to work with her as Kaila suggested her own poses.

I could go on about and say Kaila’s a wonderful person. I won’t, however, because if there’s one thing this woman wants is to tell her own story, away from what you’ve might have thought about her. Isn’t that the goal of every woman? To tell a narrative in their own words. Here then is Kaila, in a spotlight where we let her do what she wanted to.

How did you start?
My first ever professional modeling job was a fashion show with Randy Ortiz. It was his 25th anniversary show. It was a big show, everyone was dressed up. The models were wearing gowns and suits. That was a lot of pressure on me. You wouldn’t think that a big show like that would be done by newbies. Especially when I looked around backstage, there were a lot of top models there. It was an honor for me to do but also nerve-wracking. That’s how I started. Only a year after that, I signed on with Mercator.

Did that give you the first idea that you can be a model?
That was when I realized I wanted to model. I am super shy, especially before. Even when I joined Mercator, I wasn’t confident about myself so it was hard for me to book a job. But that was the first time in the show and I got to experience what really happened, I realized that I want to do this more often.

Why don’t you want to be a beauty queen?
I never imagined myself to be. My personality isn’t there yet. I’m pretty young and chill. There’s a lot of pressure that goes into being a beauty queen and it’s a job too. It’s not just what people perceive from the outside. Meeting and getting to talk to them, [I learned that] there’s a lot to it. Not that I am saying I will never be one. There’s a possibility for everything. You never know but I am still learning the ropes and figuring out what I want to do.

Before modeling, what did you want to do?
I had so many different aspirations before as a [typical] kid. I used to paint. It was one the of hobbies I paid attention to. That’s how I choose Arts Management in college.

I really wanted to go to CSB. And Fine Arts is the same but with Arts Management, there’s a business side. You want to be practical. I wanted to know how to sustain yourself in the art world.

What was fame to you at four years old?
To me at that time, given the situation, fame was toxic. I didn’t see it in a good light. That was the time my parents were on the brink of separation. Strangers would pry and when I was four, I didn’t really get it yet. But strangers would ask what was happening. I didn’t know how to explain. People invading your personal space at four feels weird.

What is fame to you now?
I realize it doesn’t and shouldn’t define a person. Before, I thought famous people were a [certain way]. Now, I realize just because you’re famous you don’t have to be like that. You can still be yourself, you can be whoever you want to be. You can be authentic as you want to be without falling into a stereotype.

What will you tell someone who wants to be social media famous?
It’s not everything. If that’s what you want, go ahead. But don’t let it be the sole purpose of your life because you want to be happy. I am very blessed to be where I am because of social media. But I’m here not just because I want to be famous. I’m here because, sadly, some people in our generation don’t have a strong voice and I want to have a voice to tell people that you can get to where you want to be without being somebody else.

Which movie character are you?
Holly Golightly. Only because [Breakfast at Tiffany’s] is my favorite movie. People might see her as selfish but when you watch the movie over and over again, you’ll see that she’s just protecting herself.

What’s your beauty regimen?
I tend to use organic products now. My skin is very sensitive. I tried to use a particular brand of skincare that was expensive, it dried up my skin. When I went under sun, my skin became so itchy and I didn’t understand because it got good reviews online. I then had to go to for organic products.

Which celebrity wardrobe do you want to have?
Kylie Jenner’s. All her stuff is designer and she’s into streetstyle.

Who influenced your style?
First one was Rihanna. Everyone else followed after that.

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