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The New Classic featuring Heart Evangelista

The New Classic featuring Heart Evangelista


Actress Heart Evangelista has a natural affinity for all things that are timeless. Her style and her sense of self are crafted from her understanding that with the tide of change, it is best to only hold on to what is precious.

We have all witnessed Heart grow right before our eyes, from that sweet teeny-bopper in G-Mik to the serious dramatic actress in Magkano Ba Ang Pag-Ibig? And in all that time, she didn’t become just another pretty face with a generic smile, she developed into a woman of taste.  She shares, “I think the way you dress up and carry yourself has a lot to do with your personality. I may like something shiny but it still has to be elegant. I just like simple things.”

She carries her stardom not as an accessory that can be carelessly thrown around but as a treasured keepsake that only those who prove worthy can possess. This is seen wherever she goes, whether it be red-carpet award ceremonies or  national events.

As Heart assumes another persona in her life, she proves that beyond the scripts and shows in her career, it is her personality that will shine through and will be remembered the most.

Do you have a particular first memory related to fashion that you always remember?
My first memory of being fashionable was when my mom bought us fur coats. She had a white one, I had a black one, and my sister had a grey one. It’s so funny because that’s when I started to become aware of animal cruelty because when we were walking in the streets of San Francisco, there was a rally against fur coats. So my mom, all of a sudden took our fur coats out and she ran, the next thing we knew we returned our fur coats. I was four or five years old.

What about that memory taught you about fashion? 
That fashion is something that is innate. Fashion has a lot to do with your passion, your life, and about the things that you want to do. You can’t just put on a fur coat and say, “Oh, I love this.” You can’t just put on a designer dress but not be comfortable wearing it. Fashion has a lot to do with who you are.

How would you describe your personal style?
It would be simple, basic, and classic. I am not into what’s in trend now so there would be less mistakes so when you look back, you don’t feel embarrassed.

Who influenced your style? 
Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Sienna Miller.  I am also influenced by movies or TV shows such as Pretty Woman,Sabrina, and Sex and the City. I am a Charlotte. But I can still crossover to Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie. I still love wearing my white shirt, ripped jeans, and with that, I have to wear my Louboutin shoes.

It’s a good thing you mentioned the Louboutins. How did your fondness for certain labels start?
My mom was always a fan of Hermes. Most of the stuff that I have now are from my parents or hand-me-down items. The Louboutins, I started to get obsessed when I was 18 or 19.  I started very young. It was always on my wishlist.

What other labels do you love?
Of course I’m a Chanel girl.  I also have an obsession with the Dior bags.  I usually don’t spend so much on bags because I wouldn’t really buy one unless I really loved it.  What I would spend for more is jewelry. I’m also obsessed with Cartier love bangles.

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