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The five best hair products for the low-maintenance mane

The five best hair products for the low-maintenance mane

Most of us live such a busy life that we prefer that perfect low-maintenance mane. One of my dreams is to have a head of hair that looks good all day even if I just leave it to air dry. Throw in a few brush strokes, tops.

But the irony of the beauty industry is how the most effortless look can sometimes take the most products. I want to change that a bit. When it comes to hair, I’ve noticed that there are certain items you can use that deliver one specific result. You don’t have to create a complicated multi-step routine for your hair if you know which product to use, depending on your mood.

When I want that beachy, texturized look, I use Lush Cosmetics BIG Shampoo. The sea salt it’s made of gives a lot of volume to your hair but the coconut oil makes sure that it stays moisturized. I especially like it because the smallest amount, less than a 1-peso coin, lathers up a lot.

For everyday maintenance and styling, my favorite over the years is the L’Oreal Extraordinary Hair Oil. The ultimate lazy girl hair product as it’s multi-purpose and suited for all hair types. You can apply it on dry hair to give it a little boost and shine. You can also use it on wet hair to protect it from heat styling. It also smells great, given that it’s made from six different flower extracts, so I consider it as a hair perfume as well.

Another product that I’ve recently learned to put back in my hair routine is Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. This golden bottle of goodness can be for your face, body and hair. I used to apply this to the tips of my hair using my fingers. I sometimes find that I put too much using this method. A solution I learned from Nuxe’s international trainer Anaïs Persigan is to spray your hairbrush with the oil. This way, you evenly distribute the product throughout your hair. Doing this at night nourishes it after all the damage it gets from everyday wear. It’s the least you can do if you don’t want to bother with masks and time-consuming treatments.

When you want to preserve a good blowout for the second day or are confronted with a long day, take with you the Batiste Dry Shampoo. My preferred scent is the cherry one as it refreshes your hair midday with a sweet scent. Just spray on this product close to the roots of your hair and run your fingers through it until the white cast disappears. Without a need for water and even a hairbrush, this is perhaps the most effortless way to keep your hair smelling fresh and clean when you’re out the whole day.

If you don’t want to bother with any other styling tools, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is something you can get. I know that it’s quite a hefty price tag for a basic hairdryer, so if you have money to spare and a desire to treat yourself this holidays, you could consider this. I’ve found that its time-saving abilities are great when you’re always rushing out the door for work. If you have to use a hairdryer every day, you’ll appreciate the intuitive technology that doesn’t fry your hair. There’s also a cold button option along with three different attachments that meet the different requirements of various hairstyles and types.

Given these five different hair products, you’re bound to find the one which will ease the burden off your head.

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